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I have joined of the college on 1st December, 2016 as an Assistant Professor in Political Science recommendation by WBCSC, I was entrusted by the Governing Body with the responsibility of Teacher-in-Charge from the following day on 1st February, 2022. I felt it to be an immensely pleasing privilege to bear the yoke of institutional headship following the footsteps of our former Principal.

Though Pakuahat is a backward dominated area in the district of Malda, West Bengal, where the physical facilities are not sufficient in comparison with other colleges in different cities, we have always been endeavouring to overcome the deficiencies with active dedication to and positive enthusiasm for its betterment. Almost 90 percent people in this area are of SC/ ST and we feel it a challenge to inspire and facilitate the 1st generation students with proper guidance and up-to-date educational mechanism to discover their latent potentialities. What is most heartening is the increasing influx of SC/ ST girls and we are committed to lead them to the appropriate track for a better future

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